Is This the Saddest 'Dark Knight Rises' Promotional Display Ever?

Is This the Saddest 'Dark Knight Rises' Promotional Display Ever?

May 17, 2012

As part of the marketing for The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. teamed up with Mountain Dew for some Batman-branded merchandise in what they're labeling their 360-degree campaign. This includes:

-- A new limited-time-only flavor, Mtn Dew Dark Berry, inspired by “The Dark Knight Rises,” available nationwide for 8 weeks beginning in mid June./p>

-- Select 16-oz cans of DEW will receive a face-lift of the thermochromic variety. The special cans will use thermochromic ink to feature a bat symbol that transforms to the distinctive green color of DEW when chilled. The limited-time 16 oz. cans will hit shelves in mid June./p>

-- The unveil of, an online destination designed to give fans unprecedented access into the world of “The Dark Knight Rises,” including exclusive sneak peeks of movie content and storylines. The experience will launch June 18./p>

-- Fans that participate in the DEW Gotham City experience and enter product codes from 20 oz., and 2-liter bottles, 12-pack and 24-pack and Fountain Cups will earn points to redeem for DEW or “The Dark Knight Rises” gear or for sweepstakes entries for a chance to win exclusive prizes./p>

Sounds like a bit of fun, except for the one aspect of their 360-degree campaign that features a miserable-looking Batman standing around a bucket of Mountain Dew, with a look on his face that screams, "Is this what my life of crimefighting has amounted to?" Poor Batman -- once he's done fighting Bane and saving the citizens of Gotham, he's left hocking Mountain Dew merch to kids outside a little league game./p>

Don't worry Bats, we still love you!


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