Is This One of the Most Inappropriate Movie Marketing Campaigns Ever?

Is This One of the Most Inappropriate Movie Marketing Campaigns Ever?

Feb 06, 2012

It sounds rather innocent at first, however when you take a look at what the film is actually about the whole thing is rather ... icky. But let's back up first: In 2011 a film called Sleeping Beauty was released. No, this wasn't a straight adaptation of the classic tale with the sweet girl and the prince and all that fluffy stuff. Nope, this was a creepier version of Sleeping Beauty directed by Julia Leigh and starring Emily Browning as a college student who is paid to be put into a deep sleep as men do as they wish to her limp body. The only rule is no penetration, and everyone wins: The men get to do as they please, and the college student doesn't know what's happening to her because she's asleep.

With the DVD release of Sleeping Beauty approaching, the PR company promoting the release decided to host a contest that's tied to the film in a weird way. First off, any contest tied to the themes found in this film is already off to a creepy start, and the idea they came up with doesn't exactly make things better off. From the film's official website:

"To celebrate the release of Sleeping Beauty on DVD, we are offering London students the chance to win £1000 to be a real-life Sleeping Beauty and, well, sleep. The lucky winner will be tucked up in a luxurious bed in a public place on Tuesday 21st February for 12 hours (breaks included!) and will be awarded with £1000 for doing absolutely nothing! To enter all you need to do is submit a 2-minute video of yourself explaining why you deserve to be the real Sleeping Beauty. The closing date for entries is Friday 10th February 2012."

So, yeah, we imagine they're not drugging this college student and letting the public have their way with him or her (we hope!), but it still strikes us as an inappropriate way to market a movie about a prostitute. Do you really want to be the real-life Sleeping Beauty? Hell no. Who would want to be the real-life Sleeping Beauty?

What do you think? Harmless fun, or a bit too freaky for your taste?

[via MovieReviews.UK]

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