'This Means War' Alternate Ending Opens Fire in This Exclusive Clip From the Blu-ray

'This Means War' Alternate Ending Opens Fire in This Exclusive Clip From the Blu-ray

May 22, 2012

When This Means War, about best friend spys (Chris Pine and Tom Hardy) who bring their gift for subterfuge into the dating world when they both fall for the same romantically-challenged gal (Reese Witherspoon), hit theaters, director McG (Terminator: Salvation, Charlie's Angels) revealed in an interview that at one time they had considered releasing two versions of the film in theaters, each with a different relationship hook up at the end. Obviously that never happened, but those alternate endings were indeed filmed, and now that the film has hit Blu-ray and DVD, you can see what could have been.

More to the point, you can see what could have been right now. Well, part of it at least.

Fox has given us a clip from one of three alternate endings for the film to share with you. Obviously if you haven't seen the film already, pressing play below may spoil part of the movie for you-- but is it really a spoiler if the events in question didn't happen in the final version of the movie?

This Means War is out on Blu-ray and DVD today, May 22nd. The above alternate ending is hardly the only special feature on the disc:

Commentary by McG on both theatrical and extended versions

Alternate endings with optional McG commentary

Deleted scenes with optional McG commentary

Alternative opening concept: Previz with optional McG commentary

Bachelorette Party featurette

Uncensored gag reel

Theatrical trailer

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