The Hilarious 'This Is the End' Alternate Ending and Why It Didn't Happen

The Hilarious 'This Is the End' Alternate Ending and Why It Didn't Happen

Jun 17, 2013

[Warning: This post will talk about the ending to This Is the End. Read at your own risk.]

If you're a fan of '90s cheesiness and boy-band culture, then you probably freaking adored the ending for This Is the End. In what should easily go down as one of the more memorable movie endings of 2013, Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel get sucked up to heaven only to find none other than the Backstreet Boys up there performing one of their greatest hits. More of heaven's partiers great them too, and the entire finale is just this really funny depiction of what heaven should totally be like. That isn't how the movie was supposed to end, though, and in an interview with Vulture, cowriter-director Evan Goldberg admits they had a completely different ending, one that involved Morgan Freeman.

Yes, Morgan Freeman... as God... again.

"The whole joke was, he shows up, and he's like, 'I'm God,'" Goldberg said. "And they're like, 'You're God?' And Jay [Baruchel] goes, 'Wait, so when we were in Million Dollar Baby together, were you God then? I don't get it.' And then God shows up and he's like, 'We're just fu*king with you. This is Morgan Freeman. We just play this joke on people when they come to heaven now. Do you guys want to get high and play some video games?'"
Surprisingly Morgan Freeman rejected the part and wouldn't do it, hence the need for a little cameo from the Backstreet Boys. "It was like a childhood dream come true," Goldberg added. "Fu*king Backstreet Boys, come on! I'm the appropriate age where Backstreet Boys were kings and 'NSYNC were a bunch of goddamned copycats."
Honestly I wish (and still hope) they created multiple endings for This Is the End because the fun part about wiping out the entire planet is that you can put anyone you want in heaven. It'd be fun to see a few different endings where the guys bump into random people while they go in search of God. In fact, that should be the sequel!
For those who saw This Is the End, which ending would you have preferred more?


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