This International 'Hitchcock' Trailer Features a Wacky Japanese Hitchcock Impersonator

This International 'Hitchcock' Trailer Features a Wacky Japanese Hitchcock Impersonator

Mar 25, 2013

We've always been fascinated by the way foreign countries attempt to market movies to their moviegoing public. Previously we've seen movie posters that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual movie, and today we were turned on to this Japanese trailer for Hitchcock that includes a weird introductory comedic skit featuring the first Japanese Hitchcock inpersonator we've ever seen, as well as some random dude who seems to be "hilariously" reminding the audience of Hitch's most famous movies.

What we did not know is that these two are a well-known (and versatile, it seems -- read the comments below) comedic duo in Japan featuring Bakusho Mondai – Hikari Ota (the director) and Tanaka Yuji (Hitchcock). 

Naturally we had to know what was going on here, so we turned to our Japanese colleague Derrick Deane for the translation, which goes a little something like this:

“Hi, I am Hitchcock. Up until now, I’ve released all sorts of suspense movies. My most well-known movie worldwide is Birds.”
“Woo, man, this is delicious! This bird!”
“Once again. Take two. (Ni mae)”  “Whoa, Vertigo (me mae), oh, wait, I’m drunk.” (play on words)
“Once again. Rear Window.” (I can’t understand what he’s saying due to the echo, but he’s basically peeking into a women’s shower room.)
“Any of them are great movies, but without a doubt my number one most famous movie…”
“Saikou! (the best)”
“It’s Psycho!... Let me just say that from the very beginning you’ve gotten every single one of these wrong!”
“Up until now I’ve shown you a few examples of my work. That I have been able to leave so many films behind is for this reason - An exceedingly talented woman, the scriptwriter and my wife. Cliched ideas are unimaginable, we always looked for new ideas. The woman’s idea (his wife) was always original. For example, this… (giant pan falls on his head)”
(offscreen) Cut!!
“Ok!! Now that was original!”
“That’s so clichéd!! What’s so original about that?! Why are you dressed like this?! ”
“I’m the director.”
“I know that!”
“That’s good?”
Vertical wipe.
“It’s Hitchcock. Me and my wife. Even though I was called a genius but never managed to win an Oscar, there was one other genius who supported me. This movie is the story of me and my wife.”
Voice-over: “The suspense God and his wife.”
Insert cards: “The man who was called a God.” “The woman who supported the God.”
Voice-over: “The man who was never able to win an Oscar. The woman who was in the shadows of hardships. The other Hitchcock.”

We're just impressed the Japanese have a guy that looks exactly like Alfred Hitchcock. They need to take more advantage of this immediately.

[h/t @CSkinner]

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