This Fan-Made Ending for 'Frozen' Will Make You Cry

This Fan-Made Ending for 'Frozen' Will Make You Cry

Jan 02, 2014

There's really no doubt in anyone's mind that Frozen marks some of the best stuff (musically, at least) we've seen from Walt Disney Animation in a long time. The songs are brilliant, the story is sweet and emotional, and the overall message -- to cherish the love of your family -- is pretty special. If there's one major criticism that's made the rounds, though, it's the fact that the songs disappear in the third act. Well, fans have now corrected that, joining forces to write and record a reprisal of this writer's favorite tune, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" 

Obviously any post about the ending of a movie will spoil said ending, so be warned when watching the video below. It began over on the site Musical Catbug, where a fan wrote the lyrics for the reprisal, this time sung by Elsa after Anna becomes frozen. Once the lyrics were out there, Scarlet-Glow recorded the reprisal, which sounds just as beautiful as it does in the movie, and all of it was put to video to show you what that moment would've looked like with the reprisal in it.

We'd be curious to hear from the Frozen filmmakers, who've no doubt seen this by now since it's approaching 200,000 views on YouTube. If anything, maybe Disney can toss it in there when Frozen eventually makes it to the Broadway stage. Because it has to become a musical, right? It has to! 

Check it out below, and let us know what you think. Warning: This might make you tear up. [via Renny Skywalkerio9]



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