This Deleted 'Indiana Jones 4' Scene Would've Rivaled the Face Melting in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'

This Deleted 'Indiana Jones 4' Scene Would've Rivaled the Face Melting in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'

Sep 26, 2014

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull concept art

Cool scenes get cut out of movies all the time, and it’s hard to imagine that any single sequence could have saved Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull for me, but I’m still really bummed to learn there was a scene that involved Cate Blanchett’s face being devoured by giant army ants that didn’t make the final cut.

Blachett played the evil Irina Spalko in Spielberg’s 2008 film. She gets what's coming to her at the film’s climax (which we won't spoil here), but she was supposed to actually look far worse in the sequence than she did. The original plan was for Spalko to have an unfortunate run-in with the ants featured earlier in the film – one that left her with roughly half a face for the rest of the movie. Watch the scene without sound below.

Concept artist Miles Teves shares his art for the sequence above. Blanchett and Spielberg were completely giddy over the idea, but for some unfathomable reason it didn’t make the final cut. We're not sure what sort of logic concludes that the refrigerator scene and Shia LaBeouf swinging through the trees with monkeys were good enough to keep, while Cate Blanchett having her face eaten off by army ants had to go, but we can assure that their thinking was completely wrong.

This could have been Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’s signature moment, right up there with Toht’s classic face melting in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Talk about missed opportunities…

Check out more of Teves’ work at his official site.

[via Comic Book Movie]




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