This Is the Coolest Thing to Do with Your Old Movie Tickets

This Is the Coolest Thing to Do with Your Old Movie Tickets

Jul 07, 2014

So you're one of those people who collects movie tickets, and whenever the topic comes up you hustle over to some cardboard box stored in your attic and flip through piles of old tickets that, by now, are starting to fall apart and generally look fairly disheveled. But you love collecting movie tickets and want to celebrate your collection aside from framing those moviegoing memories or hiding them safely in your closet. Here's an idea: turn them into pillows.

Say what? Pillows? Like, to sleep on and stuff? Yes, definitely. One very creative mom did just that for her son when he was moving into a new apartment. According to him, his mom wanted to do something special and so she took three of his favorite movie tickets, generated fabric for them using the site Spoonflower and -- voila! -- he now has pillows that look just like those movie tickets.

Check 'em out below.

On why he chose these three specific tickets, he writes: "I chose Iron Man because I went to go see it while I was abroad (and because I like how orange tickets from Odeon are), I picked the Avengers because I really really liked it (superheroes are kind of my favorite) and The Bourne Legacy because it was the first movie that my roommate and I saw together (which I thought would be nice, wish the movie was a bit better though)."

Great idea, right? Who's turning their movie tickets into pillows now? And if so, which movie tickets would you use and why?

[via Dan Trachtenberg]




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