Is This the Coolest, Most Inventive Movie Screening of the Year?

Is This the Coolest, Most Inventive Movie Screening of the Year?

Dec 07, 2012

Personally, the idea of being trapped on a lifeboat (wearing a lifejacket) for 127 minutes with strangers sounds like the most un-fun thing ever, but an audience in France got to do just that. Moviegoers in Paris attended a screening of Ang Lee's Life of Pi — most of which takes place during a sprawling ocean journey — while floating in the Piscine Pailleron indoor swimming pool.

The quirky screening, which we have photos and video of for you below, was a hit with the audiences. They managed to leave the pool area without being mauled by a tiger. Let us know if you can envision yourself watching Lee's film this way, or if you've been to similarly eccentric screenings. Life of Pi is currently in theaters. Also, feel free to chime in over at our sister site, Fandango, where Sean O'Connell asks for the strangest place you've ever screened a movie. [via EW]







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