This Is the Closest We'll Get to Watching a New John Hughes Movie

This Is the Closest We'll Get to Watching a New John Hughes Movie

Feb 07, 2013


Ice Age: The Meltdown screenwriter Jim Hecht will be rewriting Grisby's Go Broke. The project is one of eight unproduced screenplays from the late John Hughes and centers on a greedy family that loses their fortune and are forced to move to... Mulletville. Ouch. They start life over on the other side of the tracks, stripped of all their possessions. 
Hecht's next project will be a collaboration with Joshuah Bearman on The Big Cigar, which currently has Little Miss Sunshine‘s Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris attached to direct. The story is about Easy Rider producer Bert Schneiders' attempt to smuggle Black Panthers leader Huey Newton to Cuba by building a fake movie around Newton dubbed The Cigar. It's all very Argo-esque, focused on the turbulent time period.
You can read a lengthy review of the Grisby's script on website ScriptShadow. Here's a sample of the critical writeup — which the author didn't despise, nor completely care for:
"While the story is pretty straightforward and the theme is fairly obvious (does money lead to happiness?) there are some astute observations about the ice-cold communities of the rich vs. the supportive and community-oriented neighborhoods of the working class. This contrast is played out nicely in a scene where the new neighbors try to surprise the Grigsby’s, digging into their toolbox unannounced in an attempt to fix up their house. The Grigsby’s, unaccustomed to such camaraderie, assume they’re being robbed and call the police."
Let us know if you think Hecht can contribute his best to the foundation that Hughes laid out. Those are big shoes to fill, indeed. [via Deadline]

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