Is This the Best Closing-Credits Gag Ever in a Movie?

Is This the Best Closing-Credits Gag Ever in a Movie?

Aug 05, 2013

Those who actually sit through the end credits of a movie are sometimes rewarded with little hidden gems that filmmakers stick in there for fun, like entire scenes, fake names, altered text and, on a rare occasion, a completely different studio logo. Such is the case with the 1964 Joan Crawford horror flick Straight-Jacket, which stars Crawford as a woman who gets released from an insane asylum following a 20-year stay after butchering her former husband and his mistress with an ax. Upon her release, she reconnects with her estranged daughter and, well, heads begin to roll... again. 

Considering the fact that decapitation is a theme throughout the movie, the folks behind the scenes thought it might be fun to play off that for the very last credit of the film, which may actually go down as the most horrific version of a studio logo we've ever seen. As you'll see below, the "torch lady" from the Columbia logo has been decapitated and her head sits at her feet. Pretty gruesome little Easter egg right there, but we kinda dig the fact that the studio allowed them to do it.  

Thanks to ScoutingNY for the tip, in which they also point out this hilarious end credit from John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness.


What's your favorite end-credits gag?



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