Is This as Close to a Real-Life 'Inception' as We'll Ever Get?

Is This as Close to a Real-Life 'Inception' as We'll Ever Get?

Jun 15, 2012

Remee Sleep masksIf you’re like us, you’ve watched movies like Inception and Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street and thought to yourself “whoa, it would be totally awesome if I could control my dreams…” Well, it appears that dream (pun fully intended) is closer to reality than ever before.

Brooklyn-based Bitbanger Labs has concocted a new nightmask that reportedly allows wearers to manipulate their own night visions. Dubbed the Remee (REM Enhancing Eye Mask), these new devices look like a standard sleep mask that folks wear to keep outside light from waking them up. However, the Remee is programmed to wait 4-5 hours after the wearer has fallen asleep before it begins flashing low levels of ambient light in your eyes for 15-20 seconds in 15 minute intervals.

These flashing lights aren’t bright enough to actually wake you up – but apparently will appear visually in your dreams, allowing you to realize that you’re dreaming and consciously control what’s happening around you. Have nightmares where zombies or killer sharks are about to devour you? The Remee can help you change that in an instant.  

The device retails for $95 and can hooked up to a computer for configuration to your specific preferences. You can order your own Remee on the official site. Check out their Kickstarter presentation below. 

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