This Alternate Opening for 'Gravity' Will Blow Your Mind

This Alternate Opening for 'Gravity' Will Blow Your Mind

Apr 03, 2014

There's a moment in Gravity shortly after things begin to go sour where Sandra Bullock detaches from the space station only to find herself spinning into the blackness of space. Eventually George Clooney rescues her out of nowhere, but in this never-before-seen alternate opening, we learn that director Alfonso Cuarón toyed with bringing on another potential hero.

What's great about this particular mash-up isn't so much the part where Superman swoops in to save Bullock, but when he attempts to talk to her and you can't hear anything because, well... "There's no sound in space, duh." We also love the little stinger at the end that alludes to Superman starting the whole space ruckus in the first place. It really ties things together quite nicely. 




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