This 'Terminator Salvation' Behind-the-Scenes Clip Proves Practical Effects Rule

This 'Terminator Salvation' Behind-the-Scenes Clip Proves Practical Effects Rule

Jul 02, 2013


While we wait to see how the 2015 reboot of Terminator shapes up, let's look back at a clip connected to the last installment in the series, Terminator Salvation. The 2009 time-travel sci-fi fsequel saw Christian Bale's John Connor trying to halt Skynet's nuclear destruction. The film featured the towering T-600 series Terminator (over seven feet tall), first mentioned by character Kyle Reese in the original movie. It has a distinctive, but vulnerable endoskeleton and is outfitted with a gun.
The design is on the primitive side, with a grungy style. The Stan Winston Studio created unique extensions for the T-600 (Asylum Visual Effects created digital plates, Marcus Wright's (Sam Worthington) endoskeleton and a digital T-600), including a backpack rig similar to some of the robot/puppet designs used in the original film. In this video, artist Trevor Hensley demonstrates a battle with a T-600, which grabs him from behind. It's a neat behind-the-scenes peek at the series that has us anxious to see what the reboot's badass killing machines will look like. [via Gizmodo]

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