Is This 'Star Wars' Yoga the Creepiest Thing Ever, or Does It Make Sense?

Is This 'Star Wars' Yoga the Creepiest Thing Ever, or Does It Make Sense?

Oct 11, 2012

On paper this may seem like yet another bonehead attempt to slap the words "Star Wars" in front of something in order to make it more interesting or popular, but as creepy and sort of ridiculous as this video is, maybe they're onto something here. One man from Portland was inspired by to launch his own unique blend of Star Wars-related Yoga classes after stumbling across a bunch Star Wars Yoga parody images online (like this one).

The images didn't make sense as actual Yoga poses, but he did think that the teachings of Yoda throughout the series could, in some weird, spiritual way, be applied to Yoga. So this guy is now teaching Star Wars Yoga, which mixes references from the movies with intricate poses that, at times, look insanely creepy, like the one for Slave Leia or the Tauntaun. But maybe he's onto something -- and maybe, like he says, this will inspire a new group of people who wouldn't have tried Yoga before to get more in touch with their spritual sides. 

Or maybe not. Watch the video below and decide for yourselves. [via Design Taxi]

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