This 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Motion Poster Kinda Freaks Us Out

This 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Motion Poster Kinda Freaks Us Out

Feb 19, 2013

We may not know who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing yet in the Star Trek sequel (three cheers to J.J. Abrams and his crew for keeping that a mystery with only a little over two months until release), but whoever he's playing is one pissed-off lunatic hell-bent on destroying everyone and everything. This little bad-guy monologue is already in the various trailers that have been released, but when you isolate it on this motion poster, it's real creepy. 

With all the mystery surrounding this guy, no doubt much of the conversation around the movie will focus on the villain, his real identity and how it ties into the existing Star Trek mythology. The marketing campaign is certainly playing to that mystery, and so now we await the delivery. Will it all live up to the hype?

May 17 can't come soon enough.

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