They're making a MacGyver movie. No, really. Also: Let the Bond Girl rumors begin!

They're making a MacGyver movie. No, really. Also: Let the Bond Girl rumors begin!

Mar 17, 2009

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    Bond 23

    Freida Pinto Dirty Old Man Will Freida Pinto be the next Bond girl? For those keeping tabs at home, that’d be a 17-year age difference between 007 and his latest lady. By the time the next one rolls around, maybe he’ll be after Dakota Fanning.
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    Hammer Time It’s my opinion that Natalie Portman is not exactly unattractive. The thought of her playing Sif got me interested, but it turns out that Thor’s wife wasn’t exactly a looker.
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    Bruno The Revenge of Bruno Were you among the lucky few who saw 22 minutes of Sacha Baron Cohen’s next flick at SXSW? Anytime a movie’s got a showbiz mom willing to dress her baby up as a lil’ Nazi, it has to be good, right?
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    MacGyver Next Up: MacGruber I guess it had to happen. They’re making a damn MacGyver movie. Quick! Hand me that duct tape. And that bubble gum. And that shotgun. So I can put it in my mouth and pull the trigger.
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    Spider-Man 4

    Web Spinning As someone who writes about movies on the Internet, I am contractually obligated to report on even the most banal Spider-Man rumor. Such as Sam Raimi “beginning to start to think about talking to someone about what villain or villains may or may not be in the movie, which may or may not co-star Kirsten Dunst.”
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    Away We Go

    Go Away Big-name director? Check. Written by highbrow literary icon revered by all? Check. Stars Jim from The Office? Check. I should love this trailer. But I just don’t. Maybe because it doesn’t have any, you know, jokes.
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    Drag Me to Hell

    Hellgirl It’s a fine line between scary horror and unintentionally funny horror. This trailer is on the wrong side of that line by a mile. Try to make it through without laughing. I dare you. Every time Alison Lohman makes the “OMG you guys, something evil is going to drag me to hell!” face I lose it.
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    Who Knew? If you want to grab someone’s butt, all you have to do is ask.
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    They Both Look Good in Blue Here’s a pic of Quantum Bond girl Olga Kurylenko as a Pict warrior. A pic of a Pict. Heh. Random note: You might remember Keira Knightley as a Pict in King Arthur.
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    The Human Factor

    Who Wears Short Shorts? Matt Damon wears short shorts.

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