These First-Person Lightsaber Battles Against Darth Vader Are Amazing

These First-Person Lightsaber Battles Against Darth Vader Are Amazing

May 06, 2013

Now that "May the Fourth" has come and gone, does that mean we stop talking about Star Wars for the next 365 days? Um, not by a long shot. Remember when we brought you that very cool fan-made video from the folks over at Stunt People that showed what a first-person lightsaber duel against Darth Vader would look like? Well they're at it again -- only this time they've added an additional Jedi fighter to the mix so that we get to see how Vader would handle fighting two Jedis at the same time.

The one thing we love about these videos is this first-person angle, which may not give us the best look at a lightsaber duel, but because of the close quarters and tight shots, it feels so incredibly real. Not only that but it also makes Darth Vader a lot more frightening when you're not watching him fight from a distance. We also like watching Vader fight two Jedis at the same time, which is something we never got to see in the movies.

The dudes at Stunt People don't seem to be done with this concept just yet. They're teasing a Kickstarter page on this latest video that's not live yet, but what it looks like they want to do is turn this into some kind of series. Keep an eye out for that and feast your eyes on their latest creation below.

Here are both videos, with the newer one on top.


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