These Are the Worst-Reviewed Movies of 2012

These Are the Worst-Reviewed Movies of 2012

Dec 11, 2012


This year has been an incredible stretch for film. We've seen Hollywood blockbusters and independent cinema thrive in a new era of crowd-sourced fundraising, expansive digital formats, and we've been treated to new chapters by old masters such as Michael Haneke (Amour). The final month of 2012 is normally spent touting lists for the best and worst movies of the year, and a new roundup on the Week is no different. While moviemakers too often calculate the worth of films by their box office totals, critics also play a major role in how the public perceives cinema. The website looked back at the top 10 worst-reviewed movies of the year, and the results aren't terribly surprising, but there are a few large-scale projects that fans may have hoped to see more from. Other titles you may have forgotten about completely. The results were aggregated from Rotten Tomatoes, showing the percentage of critics who reviewed the movie positively.
The cantankerous Eddie Murphy comes in at number one, ranking as the worst-reviewed film in so-called comedy A Thousand Words. It's a far cry from the vet's days in the 1980s. Katherine Heigl's One for the Money received a measly two percent of positive reviews, because picturing the actress as a bail-enforcement agent is one of cinema's goofier moments. Horror films The Apparition, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D and The Devil Inside made the list, which should be completely infuriating to horror hounds since the genre already struggles hard enough for cred and needs smarter fright flicks. The movie that performed the best out of 10 was the remake of 1984's Red Dawn. As our own Dave White put it, "It's too dumb and badly made to get worked up over."
Take a walk down memory lane with us, below (one you'd probably like to forget). Share any surprises you spot in the comments.

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