These 10 Bad Guys Could Use Their Own Movie

These 10 Bad Guys Could Use Their Own Movie

May 27, 2014

We just had a ball with the new Godzilla. Meanwhile, Disney's Maleficent is just around the corner, proving that not all film protagonists need to be good guys. What other villains and antiheroes deserve their shot at a feature film? Find out below!


Keyser Soze

We know so little about The Usual Suspect's Keyser Soze. For one, we only get an idea of who he is through reputation. But even worse, most of what we hear about him comes from an unlikely source - himself. Soze's mysterious nature allows him to seem huge in our minds without much actual evidence of his status. A film could help us out with that. Of course, it could just as easily ruin the character completely.


The Predator

We typically witness the dignified hunting prowess of the Predator only from the perspective of his prey. It's time for a Predator movie that's all Predator all the time. We can learn about their world and society while also getting a much better look at their cool alien technology. Plus, people, animals and aliens would be getting killed all over the place. No sense in pretending like that's not a draw.


Anton Chigurh

One of the most terrifying movie villains ever created, Anton Chigurh seems more like a force of apocalyptic nature than a human being. Even better, he lives to see the end of his film, disappearing almost into thin air rather than face any kind of justice. He could be anywhere. Maybe he's behind you right now!



Aside from his almost convincing genocide justifications and cool mutant powers, the best thing going for Magneto is that we currently have two versions of the character, young and old, and both are seriously awesome. It almost doesn't matter what story they choose to tell - a Magneto movie would have an undeniably magnetic lead regardless.


Lord Humungus

Note: Clip may be NSFW

No that's not Jason Voorhees. It's Lord Humungus, leader of a pack of vicious desert pirates in the action classic The Road Warrior. Very little actually defines Lord Humungus. He wears a hockey mask. He's a lord of some kind. And he's humungous. This ambiguity means plenty of opportunities exist to expand his character without breaking anything already established (other than the fact that he very much dies at the end of The Road Warrior).



Note: Clip may be NSFW

Look, Bennet is far from the coolest villain ever. In fact, he's easily one of the most laughable. But that's part of the point. How is it possible that such an obvious lame duck has this amount of shared history and acrimony with Arnold Schwarzenegger's John Matrix? Only one way to find out! We need a movie showing us Bennet in his prime, long before he became a member of the Village People.



Poor Loki. He'll never be as dashing, charming or altruistic as his adopted brother, Thor. So he has no choice but to make mischief. And we love him for it. Of all the villains on this list, Loki's solo movie seems the most likely to actually happen, which is great because he's a blast to watch.



That Ursula isn't just evil - she's joyfully evil, a characteristic shared by many Disney villains. But Ursula is special. She's boisterous and sassy in a way that's all her own. You look at Ursula and just know she would mess you up way worse than any of Disney's other villains. For that alone, she needs a movie.


Gale and Evelle Snoats

Whatever happened to these two knuckleheads from Raising Arizona? Last we saw them, they were voluntarily returning to the same prison they broke out of. So they may not have freedom, but that doesn't mean they can't offer filmgoers a story worth watching. John Goodman and William Forsyth made a hilariously inept criminal team, and we'd love to see whatever ill-fated adventures they get into next.



Regardless of what you think of The Dark Knight Rises, few can deny that Bane was the film's most interesting element. With his muffled voice, overly regal accent and Soldier of Fortune attire, Bane definitely makes a memorable figure. Any further time we get in his presence would be time well spent, even if that means two solid hours of watching Bane do a crossword puzzle or some light house chores.

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