Relive Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's Greatest Hits in a New 'The World's End' Trailer

Relive Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's Greatest Hits in a New 'The World's End' Trailer

Jun 19, 2013

World's End poster

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have reunited for The World’s End – the third collaboration between the trio of creators – and this new “trilogy trailer” celebrates the best of their previous efforts while getting us hyped up for the new film’s August 23 debut.

The new clip opens with classic footage from Shaun of the Dead  and Hot Fuzz before regaling us with fresh footage from the upcoming sci-fi-tinged comedy. There’s lots of previously unseen material here – all of it hilarious.

Pegg and Frost play 40-something friends who return to their hometown to reattempt a pub crawl from their youth. They need to travel a mile – hitting 12 bars for 12 pints and ending at the World’s End tavern to be successful. Sounds simple enough – until they realize the town has been taken over by a bunch of unpleasant robots…

Pegg looks set to steal the show based on the clips, playing a daft man-child who’s got an often unintentionally humorous response for everything. Sure, it looks a bit like Shaun of the Dead with robots, but who wouldn’t want more Shaun of the Dead?

Check out the clip below and let us know if you’ll be tagging along to complete the Golden Mile at the end of August.

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