'The Wolverine' Extended Clip: Watch the Action Scene Everyone Is Buzzing About

'The Wolverine' Extended Clip: Watch the Action Scene Everyone Is Buzzing About

Jul 08, 2013

Summer is by no means over yet, and here's proof: there's a new Wolverine movie on the way. The first solo X-Men spin-off did decent box office ($373 million worldwide), but didn't really click with fans, so Fox dug deep into the character's mythology and decided to risk another solo movie on Wolverine's most popular storyline from the comics. Basically it's a story that takes him to Japan where he falls in love, fights off samurai and tries to find a cure for his immortality. The film drops on July 26, and so far fans seem mixed on its trailers. The TV spots, however, are doing a better job at selling the slick-looking hand-to-hand combat scenes, which are exactly why most people want to see this thing -- to watch Wolverine's intimate fights with various samurai. Swords vs. claws? Yes, please. Lots of that, please. 

There's one scene, though, that everyone has brought up while dorking out about the movie, and it involves Wolverine fighting bad guys on top of a speeding bullet train. It's clearly one of the film's biggest summer-worthy action sequences, and it's one Fox has been selling pretty hard. On one hand it looks pretty intense -- a shot of summer-movie adrenaline injected straight into your popcorn-munchin' brain. On the flip side, fans have criticized the scene for looking too fake and not really fitting in with the smaller, more personal story from the comics.

So in a game of "Put Up or Shut Up," Fox has wisely put up a large chunk of that train sequence, and ya know what? It looks pretty rad. Or at least better than those initial trailers made it out to be. Take a look at it below and let us know what you think. Does this sell you on The Wolverine, or do you need to see more?



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