Scorsese's 'Wolf of Wall Street' to Feature Dwarf-Throwing, Hookers, Drugs and Sex on Piles of Money

Scorsese's 'Wolf of Wall Street' to Feature Dwarf-Throwing, Hookers, Drugs and Sex on Piles of Money

Aug 23, 2012

Oh Martin Scorsese and your films about sleazy men. The Wolf of Wall Street officially begins production this week in New York City, and with it comes news of a script that features dwarf-tossing (in the opening scene, no less), lots of drug use, plenty of hookers and at least one scene featuring Leonardo DiCaprio having sex on top of a pile of money. Did you expect anything less? The film was written by Terrence Winter, and it's based on the real-life story of Jordan Bellfort, who back in the '90s headed up one of those Long Island chop shops that earned tons of money by doing all sorts of illegal things. Eventually the feds caught up to the scheming Bellfort, who cooperated and wore a wire, but still wound up serving 20 months in prison after losing his entire kingdom. If the story sounds familiar, it's because you've seen Boiler Room, which was based on a fictional chop shop said to have been inspired by Bellfort's. 

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to play Bellfort, with Jonah Hill taking on the role of his right-hand man, Danny Porush. Business Insider breaks down the 15 most explosive scenes in the script, giving up a great majority of the story along the way (so beware of spoilers), which includes the aforementioned dwarf-tossing and multiple scenes of DiCaprio having sex with everyone from an orgy of hookers to his mistress Nadine (Margot Robbie). In one scene his wife catches him doing shots of vodka from a glass stuck between Nadine's breasts. TMI? 

Another scene looks to mimic Ben Affleck's classic Boiler Room speech, only this time it's DiCaprio with a meaty monologue that he delivers to his workers. Here's a snippet: "It's called a telephone. All you have to do is pick up that phone and speak the words I've taught you and it will make you richer than the most powerful CEO in the country. And I don't care if you graduated from Harvard or f*cking Bumf*ck University or never got past the f*cking fourth grade. And if anyone here thinks I'm crazy, get the f*ck out of here and get a job at McDonald's because that's where you f*cking belong. Be aggressive. Be ferocious. Be telephone f*cking terrorists."

Note: The following scene is NSFW

Additionally the script calls for an opening voiceover from Gene Hackman, who isn't listed among the current cast. So either that'll be a surprise or things have changed since this draft. You can read more about the script over at Business Insider, but from the sound of it this will be vintage Martin Scorsese here, returning from a trip to family-friendly Hugo with a devilish case of bad-boy syndrome. We cannot wait. 

Expect The Wolf of Wall Street to arrive in late 2013. 

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