'The Wind Rises' Trailer: Is This Really the Greatest Animated Film the Cinema Has Ever Seen?

'The Wind Rises' Trailer: Is This Really the Greatest Animated Film the Cinema Has Ever Seen?

Nov 18, 2013

Disney may be dubbing the latest and final Hayao Miyazaki film into English for its wide theatrical release in February, but the first official domestic trailer seems to be avoiding that critical element. Part of that may be that the dialogue is not recorded or finished yet, but this new spot for The Wind Rises also just seems aimed at the more serious animation fans. Not families and kids. There isn't even a Buena Vista or Touchstone Pictures logo attached. 

Of course, there is reason for that. The trailer begins with the MPAA card noting its PG-13 rating is in part because of smoking -- something the Mouse House is against. So unlike its past releases of the Japanese animator's work, there is no clear alignment between Walt Disney Studios -- particularly its Cinderella's Castle logo -- and this film. Touchstone Pictures, which you may know is Disney's more mature brand, gets a little mention near the end, and that is it.

Additionally, we are primarily shown the visuals here, accompanied respectfully by a Japanese song and recognition of Miyazaki's name and his celebrated oeuvre. Plus there are some high praises from the likes of Time magazine and Film.com's David Ehrlich, whose pull quote of "perhaps the greatest animated film the cinema has ever seen" would only seem like outrageous hyperbole meant for the mainstream if you didn't know the critic. These are all things that are clearly targeting adults, people who appreciate the filmmaker and great animation craft in general. Such a trailer makes me all the more disappointed that it will indeed be dubbed. 



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