Warner Bros. Buy Into 'Rear Window' Meets 'Paranormal Activity' Script

Warner Bros. Buy Into 'Rear Window' Meets 'Paranormal Activity' Script

Feb 13, 2012

To be blunt, "It's Rear Window meets Paranormal Activity!" sounds like the kind of fake movie pitch you'd write into Entourage as a joke. And yet that is exactly how Deadline describes The Waiting, a script from a duo of first time screenwriters Warner Bros. has just snatched up for an undisclosed sum of money.

The pair in question consists of a one Mark Bianculli and a one Jeff Richard, both of whom have been making their way up the Hollywood rungs with minor gigs in the world of television, the former a writer's assistant on the CBS drama Unforgettable, the latter a production assistant on NCSI: Los Angeles. As for the film, Deadline outs it as, "mysterious events occur when two high school filmmakers decide to create the illusion of a haunting on an unsuspecting neighbor." And while the article doesn't explicitly say so, The Waiting certainly sounds like it will be a found footage movie. Even without the "Rear Window meets Paranormal Activity" comparison, it's easy to see this as two friends who decide to make a name for themselves on YouTube only to discover that the fake haunting they're documenting has turned into a real haunting.

All kidding aside, it does sound like it could be a decent thriller (though, I bet they're pissed someone else already took the title Distrubia). There's plenty of potential elements at play that could make it a legitimately fun flick, especially if the two high schoolers decide to complete the reality of the illusion, by, say, reading from the necronomicon and accidentally summon The Old Ones in the process. But we're not hopeful for any Lovecraft connections in a movie with such a simple logline. They'll probably just write some symbols from the Internet on the neighbor's walls and spookiness will happen. Either way, we're surprisingly curious to see how such a simple pitch plays out.

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