The Twilight Saga: New Moon Is Released on a Saturday to Facilitate Tween Slumber Parties

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Is Released on a Saturday to Facilitate Tween Slumber Parties

Jan 20, 2010

Are you Team Edward, Team Wolf Boy or Team I Don’t Know What the Hell You’re Talking About? If you fall into one of the first two categories or have a young daughter then expect to stay out late Friday, March 19. At midnight on Saturday, March 20, Summit Entertainment will release The Twilight Saga: New Moon on two-disc special edition DVD and special edition Blu-ray so that the young ladies in your life can go home and squeal about who is hotter—the brooding vampire Edward with the magical hair (Robert Pattinson) or the sweet werewolf boy Jacob who knows his way around a Soloflex (Taylor Lautner). In this sequel to Twilight, sullen Bella (Kristen Stewart) is an emotional wreck after Edward splits under false pretense in order to protect her. She finds comfort in childhood friend Jacob, who has grown up…in all the right places. Will she howl at the moon with Jake or go find her true love? Or will she stare out the window and watch seasons pass? Whatever she decides, someone decided she’s got the only lovin’ left for supernatural teenage hunks in her hometown.

If you’re old enough to watch True Blood then the Twilight movies are going to seem toothless to you, but young women can’t get enough of this vampire-lite saga. Bonus features on both the DVD and Blu-ray include audio commentary with director Chris Weitz and Peter Lambert, a six-part making-of documentary, Muse band-rehearsal footage, and music videos by Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina and Mute Math. All this slumber party needs is pillows and giddy girls.

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