'The To Do List' Red-Band Teaser: Aubrey Plaza Makes a Bucket List Full of Sex Acts

'The To Do List' Red-Band Teaser: Aubrey Plaza Makes a Bucket List Full of Sex Acts

Aug 29, 2012

Though it's not due out until Valentine's Day, the first red-band teaser for The To Do List has arrived just in time to make you kids returning to school that much more neurotic about the peer pressures that await you. Here, Aubrey Plaza stars as a nerdy overachiever who missed out on experiencing various sex acts throughout high school. So, in preparation for life after high school, she decides to make a list of all the horny stuff she never attempted and sets out to complete it in hilarious fashion.

Starring Alia Shawkat, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Donald Glover, Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, Rachel Bilson, Scott Porter and Johnny Simmons (with Connie Britton and Clark Gregg as the token parents), this looks to be an interesting twist on a genre that usually churns us stories of high school males and the lengths they'll go to lose their virginity. Finally we get to see it from the female perspective! Plaza, with help from Funny or Die writer Maggie Carey (who also directed), appears to be injecting this thing with all sorts of awesome retro charm as well (are we sensing an early '90s vibe?), which just makes us want to see it that much more. 

Check out the teaser below and let us know what you think.

Warning: This is NSFW


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