'The Search' Trailer: Here's a First Look at the Next Movie from the Director of 'The Artist'

'The Search' Trailer: Here's a First Look at the Next Movie from the Director of 'The Artist'

May 21, 2014


Following his breakout film The Artist, which won Best Picture at the 84th Academy Awards, Michel Hazanavicius is remaking the 1948 Fred Zinnemann film The Search. The film details the struggles of a young Auschwitz survivor and his mother who search for each other across post-World War II Europe. Zinnemann’s movie is famous for shooting against the ruins of postwar German cities. Clint Eastwood has even cited star Montgomery Clift’s performance as the single greatest influence on his career. 
Hazanavicius' version stars Abdul Kahlim Mamutsiev as Hadji, orphaned during the Second Chechan War in the 1990s. NGO worker Carole (Berenice Bejo, who also happens to be Hazanavicius’ wife) takes him in. Meanwhile, Hadji’s older sister Raissa (Zukhra Duishvili) searches endlessly for him. We’re then introduced to the interconnected tale of Russian army recruit Kolia (Maksim Emelyanov). Annette Bening also stars. 
The film is competing for the Palme d’Or at Cannes this week, opening in France on November 26. Hazanavicius has all the pull he needs after the sweeping success of The Artist to make The Search his next international hit. Will audiences find his brand of emotional devastation as box office worthy as his charming depiction of Old Hollywood?


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