The Rock Stopped a Real Burglary on the Set of 'Fast and Furious 6' (Updated with Full Story)

The Rock Stopped a Real Burglary on the Set of 'Fast and Furious 6' (Updated with Full Story)

Sep 11, 2012

Updated: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson told Empire what really happened, and we have his quotes for you below the original story.

9/4/12: Apparently, Dwayne ‘”The Rock” Johnson takes this whole action-star thing pretty seriously.

The pro wrestler/actor was recently shooting an action scene on location in Hackney, East London for the upcoming Fast and Furious 6 when he spotted something fishy while in the middle of a scene. Johnson noticed two men poking around locked vans containing expensive movie equipment – and immediately sprang into action, abandoning the scene and waving his character’s (fake) FBI badge as he rushed the thieves. The two would-be crooks were so startled by the site of the enormous wrestler heading in their direction that they fled – without stealing anything.

A source (via The Sun, so take it with a mound of salt)  on the set described the events as follows:

“It was so funny. The Rock looked like an action hero because he had his flak jacket on and an FBI badge in his hand. All of a sudden there was loads of gunfire and this giant dressed as a copper was about to mow them down. The lads jumped out of their skin and scarpered down the canal path and left the crew in peace.

“It was like the Only Fools Batman sequence — they must have thought they were in the middle of a real-life action movie.

“Now the crew are joking that they should drop security and just have the Rock do it.”

Having the Rock do security might not be a bad idea – Johnson’s bulked up considerably over the past few years (and he wasn’t small to begin with), and he’s already proven that he’s capable of keeping tabs on the valuables while headlining a Hollywood film at the same time.

Since this happened in the middle of shooting a scene, we hope someone got this extracurricular activity on tape and includes it as a bonus feature on the Blu-ray. We’d be more interested in seeing the Rock scare the crap out of a few wannabe thieves than watching another Fast and Furious film.

Updated: Johnson followed up with Empire after this story broke, and as he explains it, the actor was more of an accidental hero than a straight-up, real-life crime fighter. 


“I’ll tell you what happened,” says Johnson. “Those guys are the unluckiest burglars on the face of the planet. Whatever they were doing was clearly thwarted, though not by my intention.
"We were outside. I was in my gear — flak jacket on, weapon drawn. There was a lot of noise and gunfire. Gina [Carano] and I are scaling a wall, we’re jumping down and running. And we’re in this shady area, where there’s a canal, which I’m sure is an access point for bad guys. So as we’re running we happened to scare, from afar, this bunch of miscreants. I was running in their direction but it wasn’t to them! They turned and thought, Holy shit! Here comes the Rock and he’s got a weapon! And I was thinking, I want to get this scene, so I can go home and eat. Just another Thursday in my world, fighting crime!”


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