Is This the Scariest Movie-Related Action Figure Ever?

Is This the Scariest Movie-Related Action Figure Ever?

Mar 31, 2014

As a lover of all things horror and action figures, we're totally hyped up about this new toy celebrating one of the seminal films in Japanese horror cinema. That’s right, The Ring’s Sadako is getting her very own action figure.

Sadako is the creepy girl ghost at the heart of the Hideo Nakata film’s horrific mystery. She became the template for a whole slew of films about angry-Asian-girl ghosts, thanks to her hair-obscured face, pasty-white skin, and creepy way of moving. 


Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts captures all of these elements. The company has plans to release the figure this coming July. Sadako features a high degree of articulation (all the better for putting her into those freaky unnatural poses like in the film), sculpted hair and robe, and a TV and VCR so you can reenact one of the film’s most infamous sequences. She also has her own display stand and variety of different hands and heads so you can customize her as you see fit.

If you want one of these, get your wallet ready. Early word is that the figures will retail for $45 when they hit the market this summer, but as with all things horror and collectible, the price could go up fast. Best to get in early if you’re looking to add this angry ghost girl to your memorabilia collection. Check out the S.H. Figuarts site for more photos of Sadako.



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