First Look at Art from 'The Raid' Sequel; Plus: Mondo's 'The Raid' Poster

First Look at Art from 'The Raid' Sequel; Plus: Mondo's 'The Raid' Poster

Aug 14, 2012

Raid mexican standoff

Gareth Evans' The Raid: Redemption makes its DVD and Blu-ray debut today, and to celebrate we've got some new concept art from the sequel and a peek at the upcoming Mondo poster for the original film.

Evans is hard at work on the film’s follow-up – titled Berandal – and he’s given us a first look at one of the new characters to inhabit his cinematic universe: a woman simply known as “Hammer Girl.”

We have no idea who this young lady is or how she fits into the sequel’s narrative (is she a hero or a villain?), but we admire her choice of weaponry. Using a hammer always reminds us of the fight scene in Park Chan-wook’s classic, Oldboy.

We should know more about Berandal in the weeks ahead – the film’s set to really get underway this September. [via Twitch]

Berendal Hammer Girl

The Raid goodies don’t stop there – we’ve also got a peek at Mondo’s new limited edition poster for the original film.

Created by Jock, the latest addition to the highly collectable series of posters is a 20x36 print of the building that serves as the center point of Evan’s bone-crunching action exercise. Like all Mondo prints, this one is limited (275 copies) and will sell for $45. As always, you’ll need to follow @mondonews on Twitter for the exact time of the sale. Good luck – you’re gonna need it. [via MTV]

Raid Mondo poster

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