Watch: 'The Raid' Recreated With Glorious Claymation Cats and Violence

Watch: 'The Raid' Recreated With Glorious Claymation Cats and Violence

May 11, 2012

The Raid: Redemption isn't just one of the best action movies in years, it's one of the best action movies ever. High praise, yes, but if you've seen it, you're not forgetting it any time soon. Director Gareth Evans' commitment to innovative and intimate stunt work combined with a simple-but-effective premise of "cops versus drug lord's entire apartment building" is simply more invigorating than anything Hollywood action has been doing for decades. So, naturally people are going to imitate The Raid.

Sony is doing it in a big, direct way with a forthcoming remake of the film (which will thankfully be produced by the original film's team), but they've been beaten to the punch by The ABCs of Death director Lee Hardcastle, who has already remade it.

Well, kind of. 

Hardcastle's niche is claymation, and we last featured him on this past January when he released his remarkable tribute to John Carpenter's The Thing. Now he's back and has turned the lens of his special brand of appreciation for the movies that inspire him on The Raid, recreating it with claymation cats. And as it so happens, The Raid is so damned awesome, that even when it's done with claymation cats and dogs, it's still better than most Hollywood action these days.*

You may want to consider this NSFW purely for the awkward conversations that might spawn if you need to explain to a sensitive coworker why that cat just karate chopped a knife into a dog's throat.

*Side note for action fans: Have you seen Safe? It's not quite The Raid, but it is highly entertaining, sports a ridiculous body count, and features Jason Statham at his finest. Do give it a shot.

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