'The Purge' Trailer Brings a Night of Legalized Murder to Ethan Hawke's Doorstep

'The Purge' Trailer Brings a Night of Legalized Murder to Ethan Hawke's Doorstep

Apr 03, 2013

We miss old-fashioned, high-concept horror movies. These days the genre is filled with remakes and endless sequels, and it's increasingly rare that an original idea survives its way through the Hollywood grind. Thankfully The Purge did.

Written and directed by James DeMonaco (The Negotiator) and produced by Jason Blum (Sinister, Paranormal Activity), The Purge is a bit of a multi-genre slushy that looks to combine a siege movie with the home-invasion genre, all set in the backdrop of a Stephen King-worthy high-concept scenario. It takes place in a slightly futuristic world where America is once again thriving. Unemployment has all but vanished and crime rates are at an all-time low. That's because one night a year all crime is legalized. This free pass for murder and mayhem is apparently the release valve for our nation's rage and it's all done for the greater good.

This violent holiday is great for the country, but it means that stars Ethan Hawke and Lena Heady's family is in for one hell of a night. They're fortified to survive the horrors, but things get complicated when a gang of mask-wearing psychos show up at their doorstep and declare they need someone hiding inside their fortified home. 

We don't know if The Purge will be any good or not, but we're just excited about seeing a glossy Hollywood horror movie with a unique spin on things. Sure, the masked-killers gimmick is a bit familiar, but the attempt to create a cool, almost sci-fi scenario for it all to go down is definitely appreciated. We like this Friday's Evil Dead remake and all, but it's a relief to see someone out there is still making new material.

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