Get Ready for Another Night of Perfectly Legal Violence: 'The Purge 2' Is Already in the Works

Get Ready for Another Night of Perfectly Legal Violence: 'The Purge 2' Is Already in the Works

Jun 11, 2013

Make a hit movie, get a sequel. That's usually the formula in Hollywood, at least, but it's not always true (see District 9, for example). However, if the hit in question happens to be a horror movie, and if it was cheap to make, a sequel is guaranteed. And in case you hadn't heard, The Purge kind of dominated the box office this past weekend, so here we are.

Its $36 million was enough to make it the highest opening weekend for an original, R-rated horror movie of all time, so that alone screams sequel. Add in that the production budget was a cool $3 million, and, after just three days, it's also already one of the most profitable movies of the year. Everything about this movie screams sequel. So, put on your best surprise face, because have we have a whopper for you. Are you ready for it? Are you braced for a mind-blowing truth bomb? The Purge 2 is on the way.

The truth is The Purge 2 was underway before the box office numbers even came in. Blumhouse had already applied for tax-incentive credits in the state of California weeks before the movie even opened. That's because even if the movie only did half of its opening weekend (as was initially predicted), it was still going to be a moneymaker. The new box office record is just a bonus to Blumhouse. However, it does mean that the indie studio (Blumhouse makes its movies independently and then sells them to major distributors) is likely to jump into the fast lane for The Purge 2.

What will it be about? No one knows. Maybe it'll involve some of the same characters, maybe it won't. A few weeks ago producer Jason Blum was at a screening we attended, and during the Q&A his response to a sequel question was essentially, "There's a lot of different stories you can tell on Purge night." So don't expect it to be a total retread of the home-invasion formula that worked in the first one. The sequel could go any number of other, cool routes. Perhaps it'll follow a family stuck outside when the Purge begins? Or it'll all stay indoors again. Either way, as fans of the film and its high-concept weirdness, we're definitely down to see what else happens on Purge night.

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