Nicole Kidman Pees on Zac Efron in 'The Paperboy,' Plus More from its Cannes Debut

Nicole Kidman Pees on Zac Efron in 'The Paperboy,' Plus More from its Cannes Debut

May 24, 2012

Director Lee Daniels has been promising that we'll be seeing many scenes of everyone in The Paperboy "getting down." We wondered if his insinuation would live up to the hype, and according to Vulture, it does. The website reported on a scene in the film — centering on a reporter who returns to his Florida hometown to investigate a case involving a death row inmate — that features Nicole Kidman giving High School Musical star Zac Efron a golden shower. 

"Nicole Kidman looms over a supine Zac Efron, cries out, 'If anyone's gonna pee on him, it's gonna be me,' and then squirts an impressive stream of urine onto the High School Musical star's face and bare chest," Vulture shared. "And yes, you get a close-up of the stream," they reassure us — because clearly this movie would have been a total failure without such a shot. Kidman spoke briefly about the scene at a recent press conference. "It's my job to give over to something, not to censor it," the actress said. "You become someone else. Even when you go to the bathroom, you pee like your character." We can dig it.
In another scene the actress reportedly spreads her legs, tears at her pantyhose, and has a "loud, hands-free orgasm." We're pretty sure that's the Basic Instinct moment we told you about last week. Kidman isn't the only one getting all of Daniels' attention. Vulture concluded "the director nurses his own crush on the handsome, frequently unclothed Efron, even stripping him down to wet tighty-whities in one scene so he can dance in the rain."
Does this movie make it ok for us to like Zac Efron a little more now?
Here's what some other folks are saying about The Paperboy:
"The Paperboy is trash pile packed high, high and higher still." -- The Film Stage
"In a story that invites us to care – about injustice, about personal struggles and about wider social elements – the fact that the script doesn’t really allow us to care about any of the characters is a major misstep, regardless of how successful some of the performances are." -- Film School Rejects
"Many people will tell you that "The Paperboy" -- based on Pete Dexter's novel, brought to the screen by "Precious" director Lee Daniels -- is a trash masterpiece, an instant camp classic, so bad it's good. These people, these critics, are simply not to be trusted about any question of judgment for a long time based on that half-hearted ironic "endorsement" of one of the worst films of the year, never mind at Cannes." -- The Playlist
"A heady, humid swamp fever rises from Lee Daniels's violent and black-comic Florida noir The Paperboy, based on the thriller by Pete Dexter: a lazy, funny tone co-exists with menace, and Nicole Kidman gives her best performance since To Die For. Race, sex, journalism, publishing and 60s America are all part of the mix – The Help was never like this – and Daniels keeps it bubbling. This gripping, scary and queasily funny picture nurtures a dark threat which lurks like one of its gators just below the surface." -- The Guardian

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