Every Dorky Pop-Culture Reference Featured on 'The Office' All in One Place

Every Dorky Pop-Culture Reference Featured on 'The Office' All in One Place

Mar 26, 2014

Last year, The Office aired its final episode during a tearful good-bye after almost eight years on the air. The comedic series was essentially a pop-culture water cooler, which New York-based director, conceptor and copyright-reform advocate Joe Sabia has tapped into for his Time Machine project.

The Office is relatable (and hilarious) because it borrows so much from culture, and people get the references,” Sabia writes. “Culture is society’s collected knowledge, art and customs. It’s what surrounds us and unites us, and it allows us to collectively laugh at a joke in The Office about Ben Franklin or M. Night Shyamalan. Culture, simply put, is the seasoning in a meal.” Sabia’s database allows visitors to plug in a year and then watch every reference the show made to pop culture in that year. The year 1994, for example, contains shout-outs to the George Foreman grill, Forrest Gump, "Creep" by TLC and more.

Here's an example from the year 2000:

Sabia built the platform by watching the series via Netflix, making a rip of the clips, and cataloging them accordingly. The whole process took him about a year and a half to complete, and there are over 1,300 real-life references on tap. It’s quite an impressive feat. He's also asking for your help to correct any possible mistakes, so The Office lovers should approach with red pen in hand.

Visit Sabia’s The Office Time Machine to travel back in time with the television favorite.


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