'The Odyssey' Is Becoming a Space Movie (Plus Four More Novels Worthy of the Space Treatment)

'The Odyssey' Is Becoming a Space Movie (Plus Four More Novels Worthy of the Space Treatment)

Jan 15, 2013

Odyssey novel coverWe haven’t read Homer’s The Odyssey since way back in honor’s English during our freshman year of high school, but we’ll all have an opportunity to see a new take on the subject matter thanks to our friends at Warner Bros. Deadline reports the studio is ready to move forward with a retelling of the classic tale, and this time it will be set in -- wait for it -- space!

Screenwriter James DiLapo has been hired to write the project, which follows Odysseus on his lengthy quest to get home to his wife before she takes up with one of her many suitors. Moving the project to outer space should allow the scribe to take some creative liberties with the classic tale.

The project has been kicking around for awhile, and Brad Pitt was once attached, but it’s back to square one now that DiLapo has been hired. If he nails this assignment, he could kick off an entire career taking classic lit stories and moving them to outer space. We’ve even got a few suggestions for titles ripe for a new setting that’s literally out of this world…

Romeo and Juliet… in Space

We’ve seen the Bard’s classic tale of forbidden love recounted countless times over the years -- Baz Lurhmann even gave us a modernized take on it back in the ’90s – but think of it in a futuristic outer space setting. The story takes place on a giant space station christened New Verona, where two noble families are locked in a bitter feud over… something space-oriented? Our title characters meet at a swanky space banquet and instantly fall in love – not realizing their families hate each other. They sneak around to see each other – flying off in their starships for a rendezvous at the nearest moon and so on – and they secretly marry. It doesn’t end well, though – although you’ll totally have to punch up that double-suicide ending. Poison isn’t going to fly in outer space. Think lasers, or maybe laser swords. Yeah. Laser swords. That’s the ticket. Oh, and maybe make Juliet a cyborg. Every good sci-fi story needs a cyborg. Know what, scratch that and just watch Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith instead.

The Great Gatsby… in Space

Nick Carraway (consider changing his name to something cooler – like Nick Skywalker) is a young man from the backwoods planet of Seta 7. He moves to the bustling metropolis on Muglam to learn the ropes of the intergalactic freight business and takes up residence in a wealthy neighborhood where he meets the enigmatic Jay Gatsby (consider changing his first name to something cooler – like James Tiberius Gatsby). From there, just rework the themes about the death of the Muglam dream and the hollowness of the upper class and add in a laser shoot-out (because nothing says “outer space” more than lasers) and you’ve got a surefire hit. Oh, and that car accident has to become a rocketship accident. This stuff writes itself.

Moby Dick… in Space

Oh, wait, Lynne Ramsay is already making this…

Lord of the Flies… in Space

A group of young boys traveling across the galaxy are forced to fight for their survival after their star cruiser is shot down over an uninhabited planet. The boys craft their own disturbing take on modern society and splinter off into different groups after they become convinced a monstrous alien life form is stalking them. There’s great crossover potential here if you can get Fox to take on this project and make the alien life-form real and one of the Predator monsters. Ralph and Piggy square off not only against Jack’s crew of savages but, also the galaxy’s most feared hunter – then, in the climatic stinger, the ship that rescues the boys and ferries them back toward what we assume is civilization is revealed to be… the Nostromo. Bam! Start printing money now, because this is a surefire hit and it has a sequel all ready to go. 

And there you have it -- the worst (yet still somehow slightly plausible) literary novels in space updates we could come up with. We're sure you have tons of ideas too -- so be sure to share them with us in the comment section below. 

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