The Muppets Teaser Trailer Arrives Online

The Muppets Teaser Trailer Arrives Online

May 23, 2011

While it officially landed in theaters with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides this past weekend, the teaser for The Muppets just arrived online -- complete with human stars Jason Segel and Amy Adams in a faux romantic comedy that suddenly transforms into something else when all our favorite Muppets arrive on the scene.

Since it's still early (the film hits theaters on November 23rd), they look to be saving the good stuff for a little later on in the year. That said, it's just great to see the Muppets returning to the big screen in spectacular fashion, and it's nice to see them not spoil all of the cameos right up front (and yes, there will be a massive amount of celebrity cameos in this one).

Watch the new teaser here, and check out the official synopsis below ...

"On vacation in Los Angeles, Walter, the world’s biggest Muppet fan, and his friends Gary (Jason Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams) from Smalltown, USA, discover the nefarious plan of oilman Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) to raise the Muppet Theater and drill for the oil recently discovered beneath the Muppets’ former stomping grounds. To stage The Greatest Muppet Telethon Ever and raise the $10 million needed to save the theater, Walter, Mary and Gary help Kermit reunite the Muppets, who have all gone their separate ways: Fozzie now performs with a Reno casino tribute band called the Moopets, Miss Piggy is a plus-size fashion editor at Vogue Paris, Animal is in a Santa Barbara clinic for anger management, and Gonzo is a high-powered plumbing magnate. With secret, signature, celebrity cameos, “The Muppets” hits the big screen Nov. 23, 2011."

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