James Bobin and Nicholas Stoller Hired to Write 'Muppets' Sequel, but Without Jason Segel

James Bobin and Nicholas Stoller Hired to Write 'Muppets' Sequel, but Without Jason Segel

Mar 01, 2012

The MuppetsToday we’ve got some good news and some potentially bad news for Muppets fans.

First up, the good news: an exclusive new story at Vulture states that Disney has reached a deal with director James Bobin and writer Nicholas Stoller to create a sequel to one of last year’s most heartwarming hits, The Muppets.

The bad news? Jason Segel, who co-wrote with Stoller and starred in the film, will not be involved in creating the screenplay.

Vulture says that between Segel’s continued work on How I Met Your Mother and his fledgling film career, there’s simply not enough time for the performer to return to the keyboard to help write the new installment. That’s a bummer, since a big part of the magic of the recent film is attributable to Segel’s talent and love of the Muppet universe.

The news is not all bad, though. While Segel’s people have yet to comment on the situation, sources close to Disney have indicated that there’s still a chance the actor will wind up in front of the camera in a starring role for a sequel – depending on how the Bobin and Stoller screenplay turns out.

We’ll bring you more on this as details emerge. In the meantime, does the idea of a Muppets sequel without Segel give you cause for concern or do you think the project is still in good hands since two of the previous entry's creators are still involved? Opine below.

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