The Biggest Movie in the World Right Now Features a Guy in a Monkey Suit

The Biggest Movie in the World Right Now Features a Guy in a Monkey Suit

Feb 04, 2014


He’s known as one of the greatest martial artists to come out of Hong Kong and the revered IP Man in the 2008 film of the same name. Among Donnie Yen's many accomplishments, we never expected to see “wears monkey suit.” Indeed, one of the greatest action stars of all time has channeled his inner primate for a role in Pou-Soi Cheang’s The Monkey King. According to BuzzFeed, the story about a Buddhist monk's pilgrimage to India, based on the classical novel Journey to the West, is the biggest movie in the world right now.

The 3D film debuted just in time for Chinese New Year and set an opening-day record in China, raking in around $20 million. It also set the single-day worldwide record for IMAX with $1.8 million. Variety indicates that over a three-day period, the film has brought home $46 million. Mystical monkeys are big moneymakers, apparently.

American audiences won’t see the film until this summer, but judging by numbers from the past, China’s intake should reign supreme. As BuzzFeed points out, films like Pacific Rim and Iron Man 3 grossed more in China than the U.S. We still can’t get past seeing Yen in a monkey suit, but according to Chinese legend, this monkey is a pretty powerful dude with unparalleled intelligence and fighting ability. A badass monkey with magic powers is better than any old monkey, so we’ll take it.

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