'Men in Black 3' Director Adapting DC Comics' 'The Metal Men' for Warner Bros.

'Men in Black 3' Director Adapting DC Comics' 'The Metal Men' for Warner Bros.

Jun 21, 2012

Over the past month there's been a lot of buzz circling Warner Bros. and DC Comics, and their upcoming plans to turn several DC properties into films, combating Marvel's current reign on the multiplex. One of those projects was rumored to be going to Men in Black III director Barry Sonnenfeld -- an adaptation of a "secret '60s comic book" -- and today Vulture tells us that comic is The Metal Men.

The Metal Men may not be familiar to you if you're not a comics junkie (they briefly made a cameo in comic-book form on Mad Men, though), but the premise is certainly familiar enough to adapt for today's audiences. Essentially the story follows a group of artificially intelligent robots created by a scientist, with each one taking on a different chemical element. There's Gold, Lead, Mercury, Tin and Platinum, and they all have personalities relative to their chemical (ie: Lead is sorta slow, and Gold is the strongest, etc). 

Over the years The Metal Men have appeared in the comics -- fighting alongside Batman, Superman and the Justice League, as well as the occasional animated series and/or movie. Whether or not Warners plans for The Metal Men to be involved in an eventual Justice League film, we do not know, but it could be a sign of the direction they're taking. 

Here's a clip of an animated version of The Metal Men assisting Batman in a fight. Notice how they're sort of a mix between The Fantastic Four and Transformers. Could be a monster franchise for Warners if they get it right.

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