Guess Which Disney Ride is Next in Line to Become a Movie?

Guess Which Disney Ride is Next in Line to Become a Movie?

Jan 09, 2012

The Matterhorn ride at Disneyland

After the incredible box office success of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Disney is once again turning to its popular rides to provide the foundation for new films. The latest addition to the Disney development library? The Matterhorn.

The House of Mouse has hired commercial director Brian Beletic to direct a film gearedaround the attraction. It’s currently listed under the name Untitled Explorers Project.  Deadline has the official plot breakdown: “a small group of young, super adventure/explorers, each with a specific skill set, are brought to the remote backcountry of the Pennine Alps under various guises for a trek across one of the planet’s remaining untouched realms. They do this with extreme skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering.” Sounds kind of like Extreme Ops, minus the terrorists and maybe replaced with the ride’s various Yetis or something.

The film marks Beletic’s feature film debut, but you’re probably already familiar with his work. The director has helmed “The Human Chain” commercial for Nike.

What do you guys think? Can Disney successfully launch another film franchise based on one of their classic attractions or is this film destined to get the cold shoulder from film fans at the box office? Check out some footage of the ride it’s based on below and let us know what you think. 

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