Check Out Some Early, Freaky Concept Art for 'The Matrix'

Check Out Some Early, Freaky Concept Art for 'The Matrix'

Jan 29, 2013

Comic artist Geof Darrow, whose work has appeared in Hard Boiled and The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, has been a visual consultant and conceptual designer on several big- and small-screen productions — Barb Wire, Speed Racer and Richie Rich to name a few. His most memorable collaboration has been with the Wachowskis, who admired his work on Hard Boiled. They recruited him for the Matrix series, and the artist laid the visual foundation for their existential, dystopian classic.

"The very first thing I worked on were the power plants with all the people plugged into them like batteries," Darrow revealed in a 1999 interview. Larry Wachowski contacted him after seeing some designs and told Darrow the artwork was even scarier than he had envisioned. "That initial illustration was so fantastically dense. The first time Geof faxed it through, it was a black smear. We had to reset the machine," Wachowski recalled.

The below images, which we spotted on Giant Freakin Robot, reveal the interplay between biological inspirations and futuristic technology. They're intricate, obsessive and organic. Darrow has published some of the drawings of the film's human-battery farm, scenes inside the spacecraft, the Sentinels and more on his Tumblr. We've shared a few of the works below. These images inspired another collaboration with the Wachowskis for their Matrix comics and helped inform the look of The Animatrix.








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