Why Does the 'Iron Man 3' Villain Have a Captain America Tattoo on His Neck?

Why Does the 'Iron Man 3' Villain Have a Captain America Tattoo on His Neck?

Oct 23, 2012

Earlier today saw the much-anticipated release of the first Iron Man 3 trailer, which not only marks the third installment in the franchise that put these Marvel superhero movies back on the map, but also the first Marvel movie of their Phase Two initiative. In that Iron Man 3 trailer we begin to see signs of how that movie will be connected to what came before it, with Tony Stark complaining about not being able to sleep or do much of anything since the attacks on New York in The Avengers. But later on in the trailer, we get a quick glimpse of how this movie may also be connected to what comes after this story, potentially setting up the throughline for the entirety of Phase Two.

And there it is. During a shot showing off the film's villain, the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), we see that he's sporting a Captain America tattoo on the back of his neck. It appears to be Cap's shield, but instead of a star it's an "A". Is that the Avengers "A" or is it some other reference? And what does the Mandarin have to do with Captain America? Will the villain tie into the rest of Phase Two, or does he just have tats referencing all of the Avengers because, like you, he just totally flipped out for the movie and stuff?

Let us know your theories below after scoping out these other screenshots (click to enlarge)...

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