'The Lincoln Lawyer' Plans to Live on in TV Land

'The Lincoln Lawyer' Plans to Live on in TV Land

Aug 09, 2011

The Lincoln LawyerThe Lincoln Lawyer wound up being of the more pleasant sleeper surprises of the year.  The Matthew McConaughey-led film about an affable, plays-by-his-own-rules criminal defense attorney who operates out of the back of his black Lincoln town car instead of from within stuffy corporate boardrooms is one of those movies that's roundly satisfying, the just-right third bowl of porridge equivalent of legal thrillers.  Smart, but not genius; edgy, but not dark; charming, but not placating.  The Brad Forman-directed film also felt intriguingly episodic, as though it could either stand alone on the big screen or live on as a TV show on a network like AMC or FX.

Well, looks Lionsgate TV and Lakeshore Entertainment agree that it could find an even bigger life on TV: Variety is reporting they've tasked the same duo who wrote the film, screenwriter John Romano and novelist Michael Connelly (who created the character), with writing a pilot that would bring the big screen adventures of lawyer Mick Haller to the small screen.  Unfortunately the network interested in the property isn't AMC or FX, two networks that would surely allow the show to get into some of the grittier storylines shown in the film, but ABC.  So, with that in mind, The Lincoln Lawyer may end up being even more family friendly than it already is, but considering how surprisingly enjoyable the film is, we'll give Romano and Connelly the benefit of the doubt and keep an open mind about it.

Now if only ABC can convince Matthew McConaughey to reprise his role as well...

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