'The Witch' Director Is Planning a Medieval Epic Before His 'Nosferatu' Remake

'The Witch' Director Is Planning a Medieval Epic Before His 'Nosferatu' Remake

Feb 17, 2016

The Witch movie

The Witch, a searing horror tale set in New England in the 1600s, is the kind of movie so meticulously crafted that not a single inch of what's on screen seems out of place. Every shadow has a purpose, every facial tick has a meaning. Every corner of what you're seeing is in service of a period-accurate story about a family torn asunder after they suspect a witch has kidnapped their newborn. It's so remarkably well made that it's frankly astonishing that it's someone's directorial debut.

The mind behind it all belongs to Robert Eggers. He's a relatively young artist who spent most of his pre-Witch career as a production designer making other people's movies look great, but now he's shifted over to a new path as a writer-director. Not long after The Witch's premiere at Sundance, reports started breaking that Eggers would next be remaking the granddaddy of all vampire movies, F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu.

Remakes aren't typically hit with instant excitement, but when that news broke, anyone who had seen The Witch cheered. If anyone should remake Nosferatu, it's clearly the guy who just made a killer horror movie set in the 1630s. But as we learned from talking to Eggers recently for Movies.com's sister site Fandango, Nosferatu isn't happening any time soon.

Here's what Eggers had to say:

"That is definitely not next. That got picked up by the trades really quickly and spread around really quickly. I recognize that it seems a bit megalomaniacal and presumptuous to even remake that, but I love and respect Nosferatu and I’m not going to do anything unless it’s right."

That's a bit of a bummer for anyone who wanted to see Eggers do a vampire movie, but if it's any consolation he didn't sound too broken up about it when talking to us. If anything, he came off more frustrated that the news had hit somewhat prematurely. He's optimistic it'll get made, but it's definitely not his next movie.

So what is next? He told us "I'm working on a medieval knight epic right now. I can't say much." That's a vague answer, but a quick trip to his official site confirms it's called The Knight. Even without more details, though, it's an exciting answer. Imagining Eggers bringing the same level of craft as The Witch to a few hundred years prior already sends our imaginations running wild. 

The Witch is in theaters February 19, 2016. Read the rest of our interview with Eggers about it, his influences and his research process over at Fandango.


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