The King's Speech to Be Re-Edited for PG-13?

The King's Speech to Be Re-Edited for PG-13?

Feb 01, 2011

There are stupid ideas, and then there are really stupid ideas. This one goes beyond that into really, really stupid idea territory. Just as The King's Speech looks to be pulling ahead of The Social Network in the Oscar voting, here comes an idiotic move by The Weinstein Co. in an attempt to milk the flick for a little more money.

Apparently Harvey Weinstein wants to re-edit The King's Speech by removing (or bleeping out) the foul language so that he can re-release the film in theaters with a PG-13 rating, therefore attracting more families and 10-year-olds to a period piece about a stuttering King.

Yeah, because when I was 10, things that made me super excited included playing with my G.I. Joe figures, watching things explode and ... running to the movie theater to watch a period piece about British royalty! Ooohh, the pre-teen in me gets excited just writing about that!

Ugh, seriously Harvey. Leave the freakin' film alone. With less than a month to go before the Oscars, you don't need the bad publicity, and you're really not going to snag a slew of "families" dragging their 10-year-olds to The King's Speech. Maybe they do that in Europe, but here those parents are leaving their annoying kids with a babysitter and a coupon to Dominos. Believe that!

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