The King's Speech Gets Family-Friendly PG-13 Re-Release April 1st

The King's Speech Gets Family-Friendly PG-13 Re-Release April 1st

Mar 24, 2011

It's kinda fitting that The King's Speech will be re-released in theaters with a brand new PG-13 rating on April 1st considering the entire idea of it feels like one big joke. You can keep laughing -- we won't mute out your f-bombs.

Not long ago we told you how The Weinstein Co. -- in an attempt to milk their Best Picture winner for all its worth -- decided to go back to the MPAA to get the film's rating changed from an R to a PG-13. That way families could take their children to see a period piece about stuffy British royalty instead of Rango or Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Diary Harder.

What was at stake here was really only one scene -- one scene in which our speech therapist (played by Geoffrey Rush) urges the king (Colin Firth) to spit out curse words (like the f-word) as a way of punching through his stuttering problem. It's during this pivotal moment in the film that the king begins to see a light at the end of the tunnel; a potential way to grab hold of his anxiety and use it conquer his fear of speech. Naturally, once they went over two or three f-bombs, the MPAA immediately gave the film an R rating. One f-bomb is fine, but two? TWO! Or THREE! That's just completely out of hand!

So the studio muted the curse words and the MPAA slapped the edited cut with a PG-13 rating so that the Weinstein boys could re-release the film under the guise of a family-friendly version whose purpose is to help cure the frustrations of those little ones out there who are also suffering from a stuttering problem. Thing is ... they achieved this by muting the film's most important scene, thus damaging the their whole family-friendly, song-and-dance routine.

You want to help other stutterers? Show them the whole film, un-edited. But don't sit there and pretend you care about the children when all you really care about it is finding another way to make even more money off your Best Picture winner. You want to give something back to the kids? Go make a King's Speech animated series for The Disney Channel. I'm sure the little ones will eat that up like it's a big plate of English black pudding and pork scratchings.

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