'The Kings of Summer' Red-Band Trailer: Meet Summer's First Great Comedy

'The Kings of Summer' Red-Band Trailer: Meet Summer's First Great Comedy

May 20, 2013

Summer is known for its big blockbusters, sure, but it's also a season that's been very kind to the coming-of-age genre. This summer finds three fantastic coming-of-age movies hitting theaters, beginning with my personal favorite The Kings of Summer, which blossoms into maturity on the big screen this May 31 and follows the trials and tribulations of three kids who ditch their parents in order to build their own house in the middle of the woods.

The first trailer for the film seemed to play it a little too safe and didn't really get across the frenetic, hilarious vibe thumping throughout, but this new red-band (NSFW) trailer (via Funny or Die) does a much better job at delivering a taste of what to expect from what we believe to be summer's first great comedy. 

Think Stand By Me meets Superbad meets a really good time at the movies, and you'll be on the right track in terms of what to expect from this one when it drops later this month. Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think.

Also: Nick Offerman for mayor of the world.



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