'The Imagineering Story' Trailer: Meet the Brilliant, Risk-Taking 'Imagineers' Who Made Disneyland Possible

'The Imagineering Story' Trailer: Meet the Brilliant, Risk-Taking 'Imagineers' Who Made Disneyland Possible

Aug 13, 2013

Walt Disney statueLeslie Iwerks, the Academy Award-nominated documentarian who brought us The Pixar Story and Industrial Light and Magic: Creating the Impossible, is back with another "peek behind the curtain" film. This time out, she’s not showing us how movie magic is created, but how Walt Disney brought together a diverse group of talented “Imagineers” and created Disneyland. I’ve got the brand new trailer to whet your appetite.

The untitled project (which has the temp title of The Imagineering Story) isn’t due out until 2016, but this early peek has us eagerly counting down the days until its arrival. Filled with interviews and archival footage, The Imagineering Story highlights how Disney’s theme park vision went from concept to reality. It’s easy to forget now how risky this proposition was – there was the very real possibility that if Disneyland failed it would have destroyed the entire company – but Iwerks’ film looks to take us inside the process of creating one of America’s most beloved landmarks.

What’s really amazing is how the trailer makes you stop and consider just how cutting edge a lot of this technology was in that day (the animatronics seem quaint in today’s CGI world, but they had to be absolutely astounding decades ago) and just how massive an undertaking creating Disneyland was. The footage of the park taking shape is really fascinating.

It won’t all be about the past, though. The Imagineering Story is waiting for 2016 so that it can presumably chronicle some big new reveals at the park. Viewers will most likely get an up-close-and-personal look at the Imagineers of today applying their craft to create the next generation of the theme park’s attractions. Sounds really neat.

Have a peek at the clip below. We’ll almost assuredly be bringing you more on this project as we get closer to its release date.

[via Bleeding Cool]


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